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Animals in a Tub

New fluffy animals in a 7" metal tub
and to set the mood for a center,
provide for story reenactment, or
become cuddly reading partners.
Individual Extension and Skill Development Activities

Character Masks

Get them involved! Students can retell
the story dramatically or have unique
conversations with one another. Set
includes Mrs. Wishy- Washy, cow,
duck, pig, and conversation starters.
Mrs. Wishy-Washy Patterning

Complete the pattern. Set includes
12 strips (10.5 x 2.5) and pattern
cards to complete the patterns.
Watch Out For Mrs. Wishy-Washy

Card game played like Old Maid, but
instead of keeping an alert out for the
old maid, players don’t want to be
caught with Mrs. Wishy-Washy in their
hand! Game without Mrs. Wishy-
Washy converts easily into
Concentration. (matching pictures) )
Word-Picture Strips

Use these large (7”x2”) cards for
flash cards, in pocket charts, or on
word walls. Simply cut the picture
from the word, and children can
have a matching activity. Set of 8
cards. (vocabulary development)
Number Flip Book

Just flip and match story images with
numerals and their words in a sturdy
bound booklet. (1-10 numeral, word,
and quantity matching)
Soap-Bubble Opposites Match

Locate a soap word and then match it to
its correct opposite bubble. (opposites)
Get it in Order

Put these 6 story events in
order. (sequencing story
events; reread for details)
Emergent Reader—On Mrs. Wishy-
Washy’s Farm

Students complete a small booklet
that they color and easily read. The
picture of a completed spiral-bound
teacher booklet is shown only as an
example and is not included.   All
the pages needed to make and
reproduce the booklet are included.
(read and color an easy book)
Where Are The Animals?

Aren’t there other animals on Mrs.
Wishy- Washy’s farm? Students
can work alone or in pairs. A card is
drawn that gives the name of an
animal and its location on the farm.
Animal cut outs are provided to go
on the board in the place where the
student thinks it belongs. When the
animals are all placed, student can
turn the folder over and check his
placement with an answer key.
(positional words)
Mrs. Wishy-Washy in Color

Mrs. Wishy-Washy doesn’t
always wear the same
colored outfit. Match each
colored dress to the tub
which names the correct
color. (color and color word
recognition and matching)
ABC Bath Time

Name the letter on the soap
bubble. That’s good…move
ahead. Name the letter that
should be on the mud spaces…if
correct, wonderful. If not, enjoy
the mud and skip a turn. (ABC
order; letter recognition)
Moo-velous Sound Spots

This sassy cow with a red polka-
dot bow on the tail invites students
to cover her letters with brown
cover-up spots. Student draws a
card and sounds out the word.
Then the letter which matches the
sound on the cow can be covered.
16 spots to cover…plenty of spots!
(ending sounds)
Hay’s in the Barn

Alone or with a partner, students have
the opportunity to name farm pictures
and count the number of syllables
each word has. For every syllable, the
student may add a bale of hay to his
barn mat. Game can be competitive
with a winner by counting the number
of bales at the end of playing time.
Answers are on the back of each card.
(counting syllables)

Students will enjoy putting together
these 2 simple puzzles. (thinking
and fine motor skills)