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Colorful set of felt or magnetic backed pieces to follow the story line of
this popular book by Roger Duvoisin.
This set combines expressive, friendly
characters, large, easy-to-see pieces, and
vibrant colors to help "spice up" the
storytelling adventure.

It consists of laminated color laser prints fully
backed for a quality magnetic or felt board
presentation. (book and board not included)
Petunia, the silly goose, finds a book, and by
carrying it around, becomes a wise goose...or
so she thinks! Friends ask her sage advice,
and Petunia is more than happy to dispense
answers off the top of her head. As she gets
prouder and prouder from making "wise"
decisions, her neck gets longer and longer.
Petunia finally discovers, after making a
life-threatening decision, however, that reading
the book is necessary for giving sound advice.

Enjoy the fun as Petunia makes decisions that
will have your kids laughing yet learning the
value of reading! ...a real classic.
Set Includes:
  • Petunia (5"), horse (6" wide), cow, rooster,
    hen, 9 chicks (3 groups of three), 3 books,
    dog with head in a hole, dog running away,
    frightened cat in a tree (9:), fire, chicken
    feeder box, chicken water fountain,
    firecracker box, boom starburst.

  • Large, expressive pieces that are easy to
    manipulate, quick to clean, and ideal for
    instructional use or for small group sharing.

  • Ample pieces for continuous felt board

  • Character pieces designed to arouse
    interest, capture attention, and add
    enjoyment to the story.
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The story set pieces are designed to be a tool for
enriching, enhancing, and extending the story.  
The set is not endorsed by the author or publisher.