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Mouse Mess
Colorful set of felt or magnetic backed pieces to follow the story line of
this popular book by Linnea Asplind Riley.
This set combines expressive, friendly
characters, large, easy-to-see pieces,
and vibrant colors to help "spice up"
the storytelling adventure.

It consists of laminated color laser
prints fully backed for a quality
magnetic or felt board presentation.
(book and board not included)
Set Includes:
  • Mouse (7"), bed, 5 corn flakes, fruit
    stand with fruit, 3 cookies, peanut
    butter and jam sandwich, cheese,
    crackers, cup and saucer with water,
    peanut butter jar, raspberry jar,
    olives jar, brown sugar canister,
    catsup, stairs, pickles, milk pitcher,
    fork, and knife.

  • Large, expressive pieces that are
    easy to manipulate, quick to clean,
    and ideal for instructional use or for
    small group sharing.

  • Ample pieces for continuous felt
    board action.

  • Character pieces designed to arouse
    interest, capture attention, and add
    enjoyment to the story.
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The story set pieces are designed to be a tool for
enriching, enhancing, and extending the story.  
The set is not endorsed by the author or publisher.