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Be Like Lilly

Walk, talk, and think like
Lilly…All you need is a purple
plastic purse, movie star
sunglasses, and some quarters!
Use the purple plastic purse to
also sort alliteration phrases. If
the phrase shows alliteration,
just drop it in the purse.
Individual Extension and Skill Development Activities
Sold Out
School Rules Are Too Cool Board Game

Students play a simple counting game
that focuses on “Wow” (acceptable
rules) and “uncooperative chairs”
(unacceptable rules). Rules are not
given, but students have an opportunity
to name some rules in each category.
(simple game; counting; behaviors)
Boot Scootin’ Alphabet Match

Match uppercase boot letters to
their correct lowercase stars.
(matching uppercase &
lowercase letters)
Number Flip Book

Just flip and match story images with
numerals and their words in a sturdy
bound booklet. (1-10 numeral, word,
and quantity matching)
Lilly/Mr.Slinger Attribute Sort

Decide if an attribute refers to Lilly
or to Mr. Slinger. Then drop that
attribute card into one of two
labeled small bowls. If participants
disagree, all the better….
discussion! 24 cards (sorting)
Emergent Reader—Lilly at School

Children read and color an easy version
of the story.   The picture of a completed
spiral-bound teacher booklet is shown
only as an example and is not included.   
All the pages needed to make and
reproduce the booklet are included.
(read and color an easy book)
Emergent Reader—My School Day

This easy booklet is intended to
focus on students and their school
day. Students are given simple text,
and they draw and color their
unique experiences. (read, draw,
and color an easy book)
Purple Purse Money Game

Players work on their own purple purse
work mat to accumulate money. Coins
are traded for bills, and the player with
the most money at the end of time is the
winner. (value and identification of 1¢,
5¢, 10¢, 25¢, and $1.00)
Word-Picture Strips

Use these large (7”x2”) cards for flash
cards, in pocket charts, or on word
walls. Simply cut the picture from the
word, and children can have a
matching activity. Set of 16 cards.
(vocabulary development)
Color and style of sunglasses may vary
Colors and Colored Purses

Children are given many
opportunities to identify colors as
they match colored picture cards
and color words to Lilly’s many
colored purses.
Where’s the Pair? Concentration

Players turn up two cards at a
time. If the pairs match, the player
continues. If they do not match,
play is passed to the next player.
Behavior Alert

What behaviors are appropriate and
inappropriate at school? Children
are given many behaviors to sort in
this activity as they learn.
Get It In Order

Recall story events and put them
in sequential order. If unsure,
check with the book for early
reference training.
Money Sort and Graph

This activity allows children to
recognize, sort, graph, and count
money. Emphasis is on 1¢, 5¢,  
10¢, and 25¢.
Sorting Boots

Western boots like Lilly wore are not
the only kind of boots. Children
have a great opportunity to expand
their concept of boots while sorting
boots by attributes.