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My Name is Chester

What better way to learn about words
that begin with ch/ than with Chester’s
help! Chester says his name begins
with ch/ on the activity sign and asks
for help in finding more words. The
activity comes with a new, super soft,
and cuddly raccoon, a small plastic
bowl, a name sign, and a deck of 36
picture cards to sort. (identify ch/ words)
Individual Extension and Skill Development Activities
ABC Hearts File Folder Matching

Match uppercase foam letters to their
correct lowercase hearts. Activity can
be completed independently or with a
partner. (matching uppercase &
lowercase letters)
Emergent Reader--Chester Goes to School

Children read and color an easy version
of The Kissing Hand.  The picture of a
completed spiral-bound teacher booklet is
shown only as an example and is not
included.   All the pages needed to make
and reproduce the booklet are included.
(read and color an easy book)
Chester Goes to School Board Game

Game explores some behaviors that
children might have at school. Desirable
behaviors are rewarded while undesirable
ones are gently discouraged. (simple game;
counting; behaviors)
Word-Picture Strips

Use these large (7”x2”) cards for
flash cards, in pocket charts, or on
word walls. Simply cut the picture
from the word, and children can have
a matching activity. Set of 12 cards.
(vocabulary development)
Number Flip Book

Just flip and match story images with
numerals and their words in a sturdy
bound booklet. (1-10 numeral, word,
and quantity matching)
Nocturnal Animal Puzzles

Chester is nocturnal. Children extend
the concept by matching other
nocturnal animals’ photos with their
names. Set includes 15 photos and
15 names. (nocturnal animals)
Day/Night T-Chart

After exploring day and night activities for
animals, students sort their own activities
on a day/night T-chart. 12 cards and a
T-Chart (diurnal; nocturnal)
Heart-In-Hand Cookie Cutter

Children are sure to be delighted with
your delicious sugar cookies in the
shape of “the kissing hand!”

Kissing Hand Poem

The Kissing Hand story experience
wouldn’t be complete without enjoying
this poem. (poetry)