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"I have been teaching 26 years and your felt board pieces are amazing. I wish I could have
videoed my deaf pre-k kids age 3 retelling "The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid". They
mastered the story because your pieces are so engaging."  S.S......

"I have a student that was completely non-verbal last year as a three year she gets
out your flannel stories daily and says the whole thing."   M.D......Wisconsin

"It can be so hard for preschoolers to sit through a story.  Now I have to keep them from
stepping on each other getting to the felt board!"   K.J......Florida

"Susan - I received the CDs yesterday. They are awesome."    K.E......Iowa

"Thank you!  Your storytelling sets were a huge hit at our teaching workshop.  It was wonderful
to see teachers from all over so excited about your products.  Thanks for sharing your
expertise!  I really appreciate it."   J.P......Texas     

"Thanks again for your wonderful work! Your printable CDs have played an important part in my
son's language development. He loves to read and re-tell stories.  I'm guessing he has been
reading at grade 1 level since the age of 3."   C.C.....California
"As a mother to a 2-yr old and a preschool teacher, I wanted to say how much I love your
printable flannel board sets!"   J.S.....Iowa
Capture Attention
Allow for Child Involvement
Develop Sequencing Skills
Present a Visual Unfolding of the Story
Provide for Discussion
Allow Speculation, Developing Higher-level Thinking