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Thinking About Colors

Handmade, felt rabbit ponders
colors and invites students to
match each felt star with its color
name. Great felt board center!
(matching colors with names)
Individual Extension and Skill Development Activities

Simple, fun counting game. Two sets
of materials are included for game
play. Roll the die, look on the chart to
see what rabbit part the number
indicates, and put the rabbit piece on
the rabbit outline mat. First player to
make a rabbit is the winner. (counting;
one-to-one correspondence)
Goodnight Moon Game

Very simple counting game for 2
players. Roll the 1-3 die, count the
number of spaces to advance, and
reach the moon first.
Letter Stars

What letters are missing? Two file folder
activities are included to give extra
practice in recognizing letters and
inserting them in the proper
alphabetical sequence. (letter
recognition; alphabetical order)
Say Goodnight-- Emergent Reader

Little Rabbit keeps saying goodnight to many
items in his room to prolong sleep. This little
book recalls what he tells goodnight and asks
the students to write their names. A good use
for the word-picture cards and to recall story
events. The picture of a completed
spiral-bound teacher booklet is shown only as
an example and is not included.   All the pages
needed to make and reproduce the booklet are
included. (read; color; write)
Count the Stars Flip Book

Just flip and match number of stars with
numerals and their words in a sturdy
bound booklet. (1-10 numeral, word, and
quantity matching)
“M” is for Moon

“M” is also for mailbox, and this set of picture
sorting cards comes with an adorable red, metal
mailbox with lift-up flag. The mailbox can be used
in other centers, like writing and communication.
42 cards (identify m/ words)

Players turn up two cards at a time. If the
pairs match, the player continues. If they do
not match, play is passed to the next player.
Letter cards are included with the picture
cards. 24 cards (visual discrimination;
thinking; remembering; matching)
Word-Picture Strips

Use these large (7”x2”) cards for flash
cards, in pocket charts, or on word walls.
Simply cut the picture from the word, and
children can have a matching activity. Set
of 16 cards. (vocabulary development)
Rhyming Bingo

Four different Bingo cards and 11 rhyme
calling cards. Lots of fun while listening to
and thinking about rhyming words.