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What’s the Difference?

After reading the gingerbread man
poem (included with this activity) and a
book (The Gingerbread Man by Karen
Schmidt as a suggestion), have the
children decide if a card shows
something that is in the poem, the
book, both, or neither. Put the card in
the proper ring. If it doesn’t belong to
either or both versions, make a stack
of discards. 20 detail cards included
(compare/contrast story versions;
Venn diagram)
Individual Extension and Skill Development Activities
Think Color:

Match the color words with the 10
colorful gingerbread men. (associate
color words with their colors)
ABC Gingerbread Man-Fox Match

Match uppercase letters to their
correct lowercase letters. Set includes
a total of 52 cards.
The Gingerbread Man Counting Flip
Just flip and match story images with
numerals and their number words in a
sturdy-bound booklet. (1-10 numeral,
word, and quantity matching)
Word-Picture Strips

Use these large (7”x 2”) cards
for flash cards, in pocket charts,
or on word walls. Simply cut the
picture from the word, and
children can have a matching
activity. Set of 16 cards.
(vocabulary development)
Watch Out for Sly Fox:

Card game played like Old Maid, but
instead of keeping an alert out for the old
maid, players don’t want to be caught with
the fox in their hand! Game without the fox
converts easily into a concentration game.
(matching pictures; play a simple game)
Catch Me If You Can Emergent Reader

Children read and color an easy version
of the story. The picture of a completed
spiral-bound teacher booklet is shown
only as an example and is not included.   
All the pages needed to make and
reproduce the booklet are included.
(read and color an easy book)
Run, Run Fast As You Can:

Roll the die and move the token. Players tell
story events as they advance around the
board. (play a simple game; retell story;
story sequence )
Button Match

Match gingerbread men having one
large geometric- shaped button and
shape name with the gingerbread men
in the file folder that have only small
geometric buttons. (basic geometric
Get It In Order

Put the story events in order. Set
includes 6 (8” x 1.5”) cards.
(sequencing story events)
5 Little Gingerbread Men Interactive

As students read this familiar rhyme,
they get the opportunity of making
gingerbread men run away. Booklet is 5
mil laminated for easy manipulation, and
Velcro has been attached.
Roll-A-Gingerbread Man:

Simple, fun counting game. Roll the
die, look on the chart to see what
gingerbread man part the number
indicates, and put the gingerbread
man piece on the outline mat. First
player to make a gingerbread man is
the winner. Two sets of materials are
included for game play. (counting;
one-to-one correspondence)
The Gingerbread Man