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Eight Animals Bake a Cake
Colorful set of felt or magnetic backed pieces to follow the
story line of this popular book by Susan Middleton Elya.
This set combines expressive, friendly
characters, large, easy-to-see pieces, and
vibrant colors to help "spice up" the storytelling

It consists of laminated color laser prints fully
backed for a quality magnetic or felt board
presentation. (book and board not included)
Eight animals plan to bake a special cake.
Each one comes prepared with one
ingredient to add.  Everything goes as
planned until the cake is dropped and a
new cake idea develops!

33 Spanish words are easily integrated into
the story. The rhyming couplets add a fun
beat to the story, and children are learning
Spanish before they know it!
Set Includes:
  • The 33 Spanish words are included in
    the storytelling set as 1”x 3½” felt-backed
  • A mouse, cup of sugar, cat, basket with
    butter, dog, egg, bird, sack of flour, frog,
    bottle of vanilla, horse (7” wide), pouch
    of salt, cow, 2 bowls of cherries, pig, sack
    of pecans, mixing bowl, cake pan with
    cake, oven, table with cloth and flowers,
    timer, 2 oven mitts for the cat, cake pan
    upside down, dollars, plate, pineapple,
    pineapple upside down cake.
  • Large, expressive pieces that are easy to
    manipulate, quick to clean, and ideal for
    instructional use or for small group
  • Ample pieces for continuous felt board
  • Character pieces designed to arouse
    interest, capture attention, and add
    enjoyment to the story.
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The story set pieces are designed to be a tool for
enriching, enhancing, and extending the story.  
The set is not endorsed by the author or publisher.